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Dr. Joel Cuthbert has been practicing veterinary medicine in Washington State since 2002 and has spent the majority of his career in emergency and critical care, with special interests in trauma management and surgery.


Having spent much of his time in 24-hour critical care facilities, Dr. Cuthbert recognized early in his career the need for emergent treatment of wildlife. These animals are frequently presented for veterinary treatment by concerned members of the public, often after-hours.

Throughout his time practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Cuthbert has cared for and treated wildlife as part of his standard practice.  He now devotes the majority of his time to Gig Harbor Wildlife Rescue, providing care for local wildlife in need and also a much-needed public service for the South Puget Sound.

Dr. Cuthbert's family - Ann, Claire, and Angus- are all heavily involved in fieldwork and procedural assistance. 

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